Interchangeable MK 5 shaft, diameter upon request 30/40/50 mm.

Interchangeable MK 5 shaft, diameter upon request 30/32/40/50/ 1inch 1/4 mm.

Sturdy, stabil fence

Sturdy, stabil fence wit micro adjustment and positioning by handwheel and mechanical indicators. (PRO PACK)

Linear guides

The fence moves on lineair guides. (PRO PACK)

Read-out height

Handwheel with integrated analogue read-out height spindle moulder. (PRO PACK)

5 Rotation speeds

The machine is standardly equipped with 5 rotations speeds (3000/4500/6000/7000 and 10000 RPM)

Swing away device

Fence is lifted and lowered from the table with a swing away device. (COMFORT PACK)

Motorized rise and fall and digital read

Motorized rise and fall and digital read out of the spindle height. (COMFORT PACK)

Cast iron tenoning table with fence

Cast iron tenoning table with fence. It’s also possible to place the guide in an angle. There’s also a wood clamp on the plate

Aluminum spindle guard fence

This aluminum spindle guard fence is strong and steady. At the opening of the spindle, there are wooden blocks, to protect the guard if the knives would kick in.

The integral Fence Aigner

The integral Fence Aigner makes sure you can work precise and safe. The fence is easy to use without any tools. You can also regulate the height.

The ring guard fence

The ring guard fence is ideal to make pieces with different bow shapes. By using a mold, it’s possible to shape the wood by gliding against the ring guard al around the spindle.

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Technical Details (Inch)
Technical Details (CM)
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