Parallelogram slides

Mounted on parallellogram type precision slides, and easy to use lock and lever, both tables are fully adjustable up and down. The parallelogram slides ensure minimal opening between the standard aluminium noise reduction table lips and the cutterblock.

Magnetic knife setter

Machine equipped with magnetic knife setter for its 4 knife cutter-block.


The 4-knives Tersa cutter (HSS) block offers you all the confort, and precision when changing the knives.

Planer tables

The planer tables are comfortable in use with dimensions of 2360 x 410 mm

Planer fence

The planer fence is made of a precision machined, aluminium anodized extrusion profile, with dimensions 1350 x 200 mm. The tilting from 90° to 45° is quick and easy by simple lock and lever.

SUVA matic

This safety-hood goes up or to the side when you pass with your wood. The knives of the cutter black will show as little as possible. It’s possible to flip away the side.

Spiral cutter block

The spiral cutter block is used to plane hard woods. The cutter block reduces the noise and has a fine timber conversion. The knives have 4 blade sides, so they have a longer operational life.

Auxiliairy fence

The auxiliary fence is ideal for the use of narrow pieces of wood. The height of the normal fence leave little hand space when you are planning small pieces. The space gets created by the auxiliary fence

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