Thickness capacity

It is possible to work pieces of wood with a thickness up to 250 mm.

Electrical adjustment

Electrical vertical adjustment of the thicknesser and digital read out of the workpiece height. Press the button continuously, if a fast movement is wished. During micro-adjustment, touch the button briefly. Accuracy up to 1/10mm.

4 Sturdy columns

The thicknesser is based on to 4 sturdy columns.

Spiral infeed rollers

Spiral infeed rollers guarantee an efficient through-feed of the wood and so a good surface.

2 Friction reduction rolls

2 friction reduction rolls: easier sliding of wet wood.


Machine can be equipped also with the Tersa system, to achieve a fast exchange and perfect adjustment of the knives.

Heavy hinges

Heavy hinges and strong springs for smooth and easy opening of the table.


The mortiser is equipped with steel guidance and 6 linear ball bearings, warranty for an easy operation of the machine (and maintenance-free!). The drilling head rotates with 3000 r/min. For working with the larger surfaces, e.g. with doors, the control lever can be put into the lower position.

Comfort pack

The comfort pack on the SD 510 consists out of 4 feeding speeds, digital read out of the height and an automatisch star delta switch.

Suva matic

This safety-hood goes up or to the side when you pass with your wood. The knives of the cutter black will show as little as possible. It’s possible to flip away the side.

Planer fence

Adjustable planer fence: tilt between 45° and 90°.

Spiral cutter head

The spiral cutter block is used to plane hard woods. The cutter block reduces the noise and has a fine timber conversion. The knives have 4 blade sides, so they have a longer operational life.

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